Check for Failed Workflows

This handy PowerShell script will run against your workflows to check if there are any Failed and will advise you of which one.

You will need to change the import-module path to where Service Manager was installed.

import-module -force “D:\Microsoft System Center\Service Manager\PowerShell\System.Center.Service.Manager.psd1″

# Save all WF into $workflow
$workflow = Get-SCSMWorkflowStatus

# Loop $workflow
foreach ($wf in $workflow) {

$status = Get-SCSMWorkflowStatus -name $wf.Name
$status = $status.GetStatus()

write-host Workflow $ -ForegroundColor Cyan
foreach ($st in $status) {
if ($st.status -eq “Failed”) {
write-host $st.status  ” ”  $st.TimeStarted  ” ”  $st.TimeFinished  ” ”  $st.RelatedObject -ForegroundColor red




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